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Tips to make a room bigger, but no need to think in Empire Exotica because every single inch of Empire Exotica is Specious.

Almost everyone knows how difficult it is to make a tiny space appear larger. It’s a struggle to cram all of your essential stuff into areas with little room. Finding a sufficient, large living space, whether in a dorm or an apartment, is difficult these days, but not anymore.

You can truly make a space appear larger by strategically placing a few well-placed things and making clever design decisions. Colour schemes, furniture arrangement, mirror placement, and imaginative lighting design can all deceive the eye and make homes appear much larger than they are. Here we list a few ways that can help you make your home look bigger than it really is!

Use light colours 

We are all familiar with the reflecting properties of light colours. Light colours tend to open up space, making it feel light and airy. Try painting the room in a single colour or multiple shades of the same colour. Light colours also simplify the room, making it appear less cluttered and highlighting the architecture.

Place your furniture wisely 

When you do not have access to a larger room but still need to fit all of your belongings in, all you have to do is carefully select your furniture. Choose multipurpose furniture with creative contrasts between the furniture and the walls. Built-in furniture can also be used to create more space.

Using natural light is the key!

Allowing natural light into your living area does nothing but make a place appear larger. Natural light expands an area, making it appear brighter. When you paint your room in a light colour and allow natural light to enter, the light reflects, making your space appear beautiful and large. Mirrors that are strategically positioned may also help to penetrate the light!

Add a bright colour pop 

Your ceilings should be painted in a brighter colour than your walls. This technique draws your attention to the ceiling, making it appear taller. Basically, keep your interior modest and use simpler decorations to trick your eyes into thinking your room is bigger than it is.

Select small print fabrics

Choose fabrics that are the same colour or have modest prints for your decor. No matter how well-organized your area is, large-printed textiles will make it appear smaller and a little mixed up.

Create a focal point

Learn how to make a room look bigger through an established focal point — one area or feature that will draw the eye’s attention. In the dining room, that’s probably the table. In the bedroom, it’s the bed. Make that focal point the star of the room. Arrange the furniture so that focus is drawn to that area, and keep the décor in the rest of the room to a minimum (limit the number of accessories).

According to some recent studies published in the New York Times, disorganized homes are often associated with high levels of stress.1 So a cramped home will no doubt cramp your style, your family’s well-being and your energy flow. The many ideas on how to create more space in your home work best when executed creatively and functionally.

The latest advances in technology and product design are also making way for newer ideas to save space in your homes. From portable tabletop ironing boards to balcony cloth dryers to stackable appliances, be open to trying out trendy and minimalist home space-saving ideas.

If you are looking for homes to invest in, check out the spacious and thoughtfully designed apartments in Guwahati by the Empire Developers, where each home is designed to maximize space while inviting abundant natural light and ventilation.

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