Duplex Flat or 4 BHK flat which would you chose?

Having a duplex flat has many more advantages than having a 4 BHK flat below are some of the reasons why to have duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat. 

Space and Layout:

The area of duplex is usually large. The most eminent and special features of a duplex flat design with 2 floors or more floors in the limited space available this is the convincing reason why to have duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat. If a person prefers multilevel living arrangement duplex flat is the best option to choose over 4 BHK flat.


Duplex flats provide more privacy compare to 4BHK flat since the living space has multilevel living arrangement assured privacy can be achieved and this is useful arrangement for families with older children, or multiple generations living under single roof or even it a flexible option for an individual who values the privacy. This is one of the primary reasons why to have duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat.


Duplex flat has more opportunity for customization due to its mullite/separate level floor. This customization can be done based on one’s preference and this creates a special unique environment and additional satisfaction for anyone chose over duplex flat instead of 4BHK flat.

Views and Natural Light:

Duplex flats will have better view depending on its location and placement also it provides natural light due to its spacious feature one who chose duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat enjoy different perspective and a greater connection with the surroundings. This is one of the primary reasons why to have duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat.

Architectural appeal:

The architectural appeal is another distinctive feature that out compared with the traditional flats, spacious floor area gives lot of creative idea to give plan 

Lifestyle and Prestige:

In general living in a duplex flat is associated with lifestyle and prestige, spacious living space provide a rich feeling and support better lifestyle, people chose great lifestyle prefer duplex flat over 4BHK flat.

Cost consideration:

At times having a duplex flat is more affordable and cost-effective option then having a 4 BHK flat it’s all about the price what you pay and value what you get in return all it matters; duplex flat often has smaller over all footprint and requires less construction and maintenance cost make it more affordable option for anyone who chooses duplex flat over 4 BHK flat. 

Investment potential:

It’s open fact that as per market demand duplex how has better resale value than 4BHK flats, people who see buying the house as an investment point of view will choose duplex flats instead of 4 BHK flats.


Above mentioned are the few common criteria support the fact that “why to have duplex flat instead of 4 BHK flat” about this may vary from person to person and place to place and their preference.

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