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Investing in property or buying a home is one of the most important and happiest decisions you will make in your life. It’s also extremely overwhelming. Before concluding anything, a lot of procedures must be completed, ranging from selecting the best developer to analysing the property, to finally closing on one. When purchasing a home, the buyer has a number of questions for the developer. Here’s a concise guide, for all property enthusiasts, which raises and addresses seven critical questions a home buyer should generally have before buying a home in India.

1. Is the location of the project a rapidly developing area?

Check the layout of the premises, the floor plans, the area and general neighbourhood, the road accessibility, and the distinction between a normal and a luxury property. If you are an NRI investor who will not be able to visit the site or the region in person, make sure you send a credible source on your behalf. In reality, you should also check and verify the property’s legal documentation. In addition, conduct extensive research on the site to ensure that it is convenient to schools, universities, supermarkets, and retail locations.

2. What is the actual cost?

Considering the cost of the physical structure, there are several expenditures to take into consideration. In order to acquire an idea of the costs that you will incur, ask detailed questions regarding the cost breakdown. This is one of the most important questions to ask your developer before signing the contract. Learn about all of the expenditures, such as construction fees, GST, parking rent, preferred site charges, other statutory taxes, and so on.

3. How good is the quality of the construction?

Conduct a tour of the property and its surroundings, especially if it is under construction, to have a better sense of the construction quality. Inquire with the developer about all of the materials that were utilized in the building, from the foundation to the finishing doors, windows, or walk-in closets.

4. Will they deliver as per schedule?

The delivery timeline provided by real estate developers is one of the top issues to ask your developer before buying a home in India. Make sure they’ve got in writing the delivery time that will not interfere with your investment advantages or your move-in date. This has been a little simpler with the introduction of RERA compliance, but one must guarantee that the developer follows the RERA requirements in order to make the anticipated completion date.

5. What is the real size/area of the property?

According to the recently implemented RERA criteria, projects are priced based on the carpet area of the property rather than the built-up area. So, before you take the plunge and finalise your purchase, ensure that the developer has priced the home based on the carpet area.

6. Are the official/legal documents made available?

This is just as important as the emotional desire to buy property; to ensure that what you want is genuinely yours, free of any hassles or future issues of ownership, registration, or any other legalities. The following are some of the most important documents:

* The Title Deed

The title deed is the main legal document for evidencing the sale and transfer of ownership of property in favour of the buyer from the seller.

* Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance Certificate is a proof that the property in question does not have any monetary or legal liabilities. This certificate also contains details of any transaction on the property.

* Property Tax Receipts

A property tax receipt is the annual real property tax that is the assessed value of the property.

* The Release Certificate

The certificate of release refers to a document issued by the bank to mortgage to ascertain that a mortgage loan with the former has been completely paid or cleared.

* Building Completion Certificate (BCC)

A building completion certificate is a mandatory document which validates that construction is in line with building norms. The local development and municipal corporation are the competent authorities to provide the certificate.

* Local Municipal Corporation approvals

* RERA certificate

* Commencement Certificate

* Building Approval Plan

7. What facilities and amenities are you really getting?

It is a good idea to double-check that you are receiving all of the stated services and amenities. A site inspection will assist you in determining this. Check for things like fire alarms, waste chute systems, car parking, lifts, power backup, future developments nearby, offerings in the premises, amenities, and so on.

Here are the questions you should definitely ask the developer and decide if all the things are up to the mark or not.

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